Saturday, September 20, 2003

OF COURSE, IT WOULDN'T BE BECAUSE THE DECISION WAS TOTAL CRAP: Here's the New York Times on the possibility that an en banc panel of the 9th Circuit will allow the California recall to proceed:
The 11-judge panel that will reconsider the California recall case includes eight appointed by Democratic presidents and just three appointed by Republicans, which at first blush might hearten the civil rights groups that had persuaded three judges, all appointed by Democrats, to delay the election in a decision issued Monday.

But the consensus among legal experts yesterday was that most of the judges on the larger panel of the court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, are either aligned with the circuit's more conservative wing or are moderate in the sense of avoiding drastic actions like calling off elections...

Howard J. Bashman, a specialist in appellate law in Philadelphia, agreed, calling the panel about as conservative as one is likely to find on the Ninth Circuit.
Those damn conservatives again, following the law and abridging civil rights [or rather, the interests of "civil rights groups"--Ed.] like the jack-booted, racist, fascist right-wing death beasts they are!

Wasn't this sort of civil rights crusading supposed to have left in Howell Raines' briefcase?
THE YOBBO WOULD BE PROUD: I've got the house to myself, a bottle of Beam, and a coupla large Domino's pepperoni pizzas. Expect increasingly incoherent blogging.

P.S. Speaking of Domino's, which makes great bad pizza and sells it cheap enough so you can order a ton and have lunch taken care of the next day, what is up with all the mayo on their pies? I mean, hell, I'm WASPy as Judge Smails (and no slouch myself), but this is ridiculous!
The best sign that you are in love with someone is when you can rip off the stinkiest, rottenest, foulest, loudest fart possible while sitting on the lounge watching TV and NOT blame it on the dog.
This and more wisdom from someone who might as well be my alter-ego, the Househusband Blogger.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

DAVID FRUM ELEGANTLY STICKS IT TO WESLEY CLARK on NRO today, noting (among other things -- read it all) that
If any one figure sums up the illusions and errors of the 1990s, it is Clark. Clark was the general who led the U.S. into a purely humanitarian war in Kosovo – at exactly the moment that the Clinton administration was disregarding the gathering threat to the United States from Middle Eastern terrorism. Clark has criticized the supposed and alleged errors of U.S. planning in Iraq – notwithstanding that his campaign in Kosovo was based on an unending series of errors, above all his claim that his air campaigns could destroy Serbian military capabilities without harming the Serbian civilian population.
Most disturbingly, however, we find out that Clark is a former Rhodes Scholar, which is enough to disqualify him in my book.

(Side note: Given Rhodes Scholars' penchant for trying as hard as possible to disavow their Americanness -- see Clinton, Bill and Talbott, Strobe for prime examples -- how did a guy like Clark wind up going into the military, of all places?)
THE BEACH BECKONED YESTERDAY due to the fine weather, and my blogging was the worse for it.

Fortunately, Tex has stepped into the breach, dissecting the latest anti-capitalist drivel from Herald columnist Ross Gittins.

Meanwhile, readers who are feeling encumbered by an overabundance of cash or possessions are free to send surpluses here for safe keeping.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

ASLEEP AT THE RESENTMENT SWITCH! How the hell did these two submissions wind up leading today's Herald letters page?
Now that Anne Summers ("Bush can expect a hot welcome", Herald, September 15) has prepared the way for a toxic cocktail of anti-war demonstrators, disgruntled Iraqi nationalists and disappointed farmers, may I suggest another scenario for our visitor.

Bush may wish to thank some of the families of ADF personnel who served in the second Gulf war, brief ordinary refugees who had fled the murderous Saddam regime on his plans, and exchange dialogue with farming families seeking to break down trade barriers.

Ugly and unproductive demonstrations can only harm Australia's interests and feed the ego of media commentators.

Noel Hadjimichael, Mount Annan, September 15.

I would like to thank Anne Summers for reminding me about George Bush's visit. I will finalise my banner and go out there and join the demonstration, but I may be the only one there in support of his visit.

While George Bush may not be the greatest orator or carry the charisma of Bill Clinton, he at least had the gumption of not being fooled by the likes of Saddam, Arafat and their brand of ideology. Sadly history has demonstrated that the eloquent and charismatic leaders in the past have been totally hoodwinked.

Good on ya, George.

Leslie W. Rosen, Woollahra, September 15.
You won't be the only one, Leslie.

Monday, September 15, 2003

THE GUNSHOT VICTIM LIVED, while the stabbed ones died.

When will they stop the insanity and outlaw knives, once and for all?

(Seriously, though, they can have my beloved Furis when they pry them from my cold, dead, stinking-of-garlic hands...)
STOP HER BEFORE SHE...MIS-FILES FORMS AGAIN! I'm not a lawyer (but I play one in my toolshed), so I guess I don't know what I'm talking about when I wonder why Pauline Hanson was denied bail again. I mean, it's not like she's charged with a violent crime and thus a potential threat to society that warrants her being locked up, nor does she strike me as much of a flight risk.

Perhaps some lawyer out there can tell me, then, why she can't walk the streets while her attorneys plan her appeal?
BOYCOTT BUNNINGS! Prudent corporate executives who are shaken down by left-wing extortion operations normally have two choices: Quietly give money to whatever reverse-racist, socialist or green organization that has come knocking at the door, and hope they just go away, or loudly proclaim their new, shareholder-financed "community initiative" while handing over a large check -- and hope they just go away.

Now hardware giant Bunnings Warehouse has come up with a new option: Pony up the dough for the left-wing standover artists, but make the customers pay the black (er, green) mail.
Bunnings Warehouse, in an initiative with Keep Australia Beautiful, will add a 10 cent levy to disposable plastic bags distributed in its 176 stores throughout the country.

NSW Minister for Western Sydney Diane Beamer, who launched the initiative in Sydney today, said this was a win-win deal for the environment.
Or, rather a win-win deal for Keep Australia Beautiful, which is getting the money charged for the hated bags -- making the so-called environmental organization as hypocritical as an anti-smoking campaign taking money from Philip Morris.
"Customers will think twice before using the disposable plastic bags," Ms Beamer said.
Try reading that quote aloud in a German accent, and see how silly it sounds. Is there no end to the sort of private behaviour the do-gooders will try and change? Really, I guess not.

In the meantime, I'll buy my goods from stores that don't want to penalize me for taking them home.

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