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Monday, September 22, 2003

THE REAL REASON FOR THE BAD ECONOMY: According to the New York Times,
The slumping American economy has proved to be a boon to the Army's efforts to recruit the 100,000 enlisted soldiers it says it needs this year to fill its active-duty and reserve ranks, senior Army officials say, so far relieving concerns that the turmoil in Iraq could crimp new enlistments.
You just know that this story was the product of a conspiracy theory -- evil warmonger Bush tanks economy to recruit cannon fodder -- in the Times newsroom that every staffer knows is true, but can't quite prove...

Unlike this one, of course.

THIS MIGHT BE the most depressing survey phone call ever...
If the objective is to squash Bush's war advantage, vote Dean and move on to domestic policy. Vote for the general and you're stuck talking war till next November with a candidate who is not up to it.

Unless, of course, there's a third scenario, which, given last week's lamentable performance, makes a strange kind of sense. General Clark is merely an unwitting "stalking horse", designed to weaken both Dean and Bush just enough to enable the Democrats' real white knight to jump in: waiting in the wings, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
If this hideous prediction comes true, it will be further proof that in an otherwise mis-spent life, my one intelligent move was decamping for Australia.
HEY EVILPUNDIT! Get yerself one of these. Whaddya think this is, some overhyped taxpayer-funded whinge-fest?

Sunday, September 21, 2003

IRONY-PROOF FENCE: Thank God you racist, ignorant white Australians have a few brave souls in your community like Phillip Noyce to show you the error of your ways when it comes to your treatment of Aboriginal children.

Me, I've been here two years and I've already learnt to acknowledge the real owners of the land on which I live -- when I wire them the rent every fortnight!
DREAM WATCH: Watched a series of fascinating in-sleep movies last night after passing out on the couch, the best one being one in which I led a team of commandoes on a mission to Charles de Gaulle Airport where we stole four Air France Airbuses and flew them to Iraq to be the new long-haul fleet for their new civilian airline.

Not surprisingly, we didn't encounter much resistance.

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